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There are 3 tourist attractions at the southern end of London Bridge in Tooley Street; London Bridge Experiance, London Dungeon and Britain at War. These historical and educational venues relive London’s grim and shady past through vivid displays and interactive performances given by actors with a dark sense of humour.

London Bridge Experiance, entrance under the southern end of London Bridge.pool of london walk

London Bridge Experiance

The London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs are two ‘horrific and gruesome’ London tourist attractions in vaults below the southern end of London Bridge. Opened in 2007, real skeletons were found in the crypt during it construction, scaring builders who refused to work alone.

The London Bridge Experience explains the history of all the London Bridges that have been on the site, from the Roman military pontoon to the present 3 arch structure. The tour also goes through the 'dark' moments of London's history, Romans and Vikings battles and The Great Fire of London.

The heads of executed people were put on spikes by London Bridge.heads on spikes walklondon

The London Tombs is in a former plague pit, where visitors ‘past walls that are dripping in blood, squeeze through confined spaces and gasp in terror as you're met with spiders, snakes, ghosts, ghouls and many other horrors’. Voted UKs best scare attraction it is only suitable for older (11+) children.

London Dungeons

The London Dungeon, under the railway arched of London Bridge station, is an interactive experience using actors, special effects and 3 rides.

The London Dungeon, cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and bridge attraction walklondon

Visitor is led through 1000 years of London's darkest and most gory history, an ‘educationally chilling experience’ of shows and exhibits. Horror attractions include; the crypt, torture chamber, boat ride to hell, Sweeney Todd's Barber, Jack the Ripper and the drop ride to doom. The attractions are best enjoyed by ‘young teenagers’.

Britain at War Experience, Tooley Street Londonworld war II museum walklondon

Britain at War

Winston Churchill’ s Britain at War experience is a theme museum which gives the visitor an insight into what life was like during the World War II in London. It recreates:
The London Blitz with special effects highlighting the sights, sounds, dust and smoke of an air raid at its height and;
A London Underground air raid shelter to see where thousands spent sleepless nights and a wartime news reel shown in the underground cinema.

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The attractions are open throughout the year and there are a fees to enter.

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