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MUSEUMS to visit on our London Walks


London is the home to some of the greatest museums in the world and many are free to enter. The largest and best known collection of Museums are in South Kensington, but London has over 200 ranging from a single room in a historic house the grand buildings in Exhibition Row.
The most famous and one of the oldest museums in the world is the British Museum. The oldest in London is the Royal Armouries, in the Tower of London, which first opened to the public in 1660. Along with the wide range of permanent historical, cultural and scientific exhibits many museums having visiting collections. We have listed London’s top and most interesting museums and on which WalkLondon walk you can visit them.

Some museums are part of famous attractions while others are dedicated to famous people. We have listed to top 5 in each category  plus a few, less well known, but very interesting ones.


Walk London's Top 5 Famous People Museums

Charles Dickens
The authors historic 19th century house with original artefacts, 48 Doughty Street WC1
Benjamin Franklin
Founding Father of the America 18th century house, 36 Craven Street WC2N
Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John H. Watson
221b Baker Street NW1 maintained in Victorian Times
Micheal Faraday
Reconstruction of the scientists 19th century laboratory at The Royal Institution
George Fredric Handel
The Composer's 18th century townhouse, No 25 Brook Street W1K

Walk London's Top 5 Museums in Famous Attractions

Tower of London
The Crown Jewels and 16th Century Armoury.
The Royal Mews
Working Stables at Buckingham Palace.
Tower of Bridge
Victorian Engine Room and high-level walk way across the bridge.
Cutty Sark
Sailing clipper build in 1869 and used in the tea trade from China to London.
City of London's art collection and Remains of London's Roman amphitheatre.
Clockmakers museum, a collection of clocks, watches and other horological items.


Walk London's
Top 10 Museums

British Museum

Natural History Museum
(includes Geological Museum)

Science Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum

National Maritime Museum
(includes The Royal Observatory)

Imperial War Museum

Museum of London

HMS Belfast

London Transport Museum

Churchill War Rooms