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the queens gallery buckingham palace The Queens Gallery, Buckingham Palace

the queens gallery buckingham palace The Queens Gallery displays items from the Royal Collection.

royal mews entrance The Royal Mews, on Buckingham Palace Road. Visitors Entrance.

west side of buckingham palace The Queen leaving Buckingham Palace in a State Limousine.


Royal Mews

Opening Hours and Costs: Open 5 days a week, usually closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Gallery Opening Times and Costs

The Queen's Gallery

Opening Hours and Costs: Open 5 days a week usually Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Mews Opening Times and Costs

Facilities: Toilets and shop, also see St Jamses' Park

Further Information: Royal Mews and The Queen's Gallery

the royal mews sight 5sight 10  The Queens Gallery
  and Royal Mews


The Queen’s Gallery, which is open to the public, displays over 400 works of art from the priceless Royal Collection. The gallery is situated on Buckingham Palace Road, next to the the palace.

The Royal Collection, which is owned by the Nation and held in trust by the reigning monarch, contains over 50,000 artefacts including paintings, drawings, photographs, tapestries, furniture and ceramics.

In addition to this 'public' collection, the Queen has a private collection, some of which can be seen on tours of the Royal Palaces.

Throughout the year there are special exhibitions. For 2021:

Now - until 31st January 2022:

Masterpieces from Buckingham Palace
View some of the most important paintings in the Royal Collection


The Royal Mews, in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, is one of the finest working stables in the world.

Although the main attractions are the stables and the historic horse-drawn carriages, there are many other forms of road transport on display including the Royal Sleighs and the State Limousines; Bentleys, Daimlers and a rare 1948 Rolls Royce Phantom IV.

The 30 horses at the Royal Mews are a mix of British Cleveland Bays and Windsor Greys. By tradition, when the Queen is traveling in a carriage it will be pulled by a team of Windsor Greys. Please note that the horses are not always on view in the Mews due to their royal duties or when being exercised.

The most famous carriage at the Royal Mews is the Gold State Coach, built in London in 1762, it has been used at the coronation of every British monarch since George IV. Due to its age, the eight horse-drawn enclosed carriage is only used for grand state occasions such as royal weddings and jubilees.

The word Mews originated in the 16th century when the Royal Family kept hawks on the site of their first working stables at Charring Cross. The hawks were placed in cages, known as mew’s, while moulting. Trafalgar Square, at the end of the Mall, now stands on the site of the old royal stables.

The present Royal Mews, built in 1825 by John Nash, was moved next to Buckingham Palace when the palace was converted into the main royal residence by George IV. Since that time, the stables have been modernised to cater for the changing forms of road transport.

The Royal Mews is open to the public most days of the year. The entrance is to the left (west) of Buckingham Palace, on Buckingham Palace Road just past the Queen's Gallery.