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the mall queen victoria memorial and buckingham palace The Mall looking west towards Queen Victoria Memorial and Buckingham Palace

the mall and admiralty arch The Mall looking east through Admiralty Arch to Trafalgar Square

st james's park london Clarence House, guarded by soldiers fron the Queen's Household Division


Opening Hours: The Mall is open to walkers at all times.
It is closed to traffic on Sundays, public holidays and on ceremonial occasions.

Clarence House will be open to the public during August 2021. Visitors are given a guided tour of the five rooms and adjoining spaces on the ground floor.

Cost: The Mall is a public road (free). Clarence House (£11.30 in August 2021)

Facilities: see St Jamses' Park

Events: n/a.

Further Information: Clarence House

sight 3 - the mall and clarence house THE MALL


The Mall is London’s primary ceremonial road which leads from Trafalgar Square though Admiralty Arch, past Clarence House, to Buckingham palace. The 1km road, which is laid out like a giant red carpet, it is used for royal processions and national celebrations.

The Monarch often receive visiting Heads of State by escorting them in horse drawn carriages up the Mall which would be decorated with Union Flags and flags of the visiting head of state's country.

In 2011 over one million people packed the Mall to see the newly wed Prince William and Kate Middleton appear on the palace balcony with other members of the Royal Family.

Originally laid out by Charles II, the Mall became the grand approach to Buckingham Palace when the palace became the official royal residence on accession of Queen Victoria. The Mall we see today was designed in 1911 by Sir Aston Webb who also designed a new façade for Buckingham Palace, Admiralty Arch and the Queen Victoria Memorial.

Under the Mall is a network of tunnels connecting Buckingham Palace to No 10 Downing Street (the Prime Minister's Office) and the Foreign Office.


Clarence House, part of the St James’s Palace complex, is the official residence of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall.

Built in 1827 by John Nash it was commissioned by Prince William, Duke of Clarence (King William IV) and has been home to many members of the royal family including; Princess Elizabeth and her husband, The Duke of Edinburgh (now Queen Elizabeth II), the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. Princess Anne was born there.

Clarence House, along with York House and Lancaster House are within the environs of St. James's Palace and are guarded by soldiers from the Queen’s Household Division when the Monarch are in London.